Green fields

You sit and think of how you might describe some of the things you see to people back home, but you come to realize again that it’s just one of those things you wont understand unless you see for yourself. Today we went and dug a hole to study different soils. More time put into studying different types of dirt than what you could think possible.  I’ve come to realize that it all ties into a bigger picture of what our lives circle around.  Seeing the Wisla River today was very neat, it was a large river.  Wouldn’t have minded to go take a boat out and fish the river for a day, that would be a lot of fun.

Tracking around in the forest we found a ton of places the hogs have been up rooting. I would love to sit out there with my rifle and just diminish hogs all day long. There seemed to be more than enough to go around. If it was me and a few other people I know we could really tear them up. Just hate to see pretty country get torn away by hogs like that, they do a lot of damage.

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