Hup Holland Hup!

Friday was the day I finally got to see my family. I flew out of Kraków to Frankfurt and then finally to Amsterdam. My cousin met me at Schiphol and we drove to the central station. We had a very nice lunch at a snack bar where I had my favorite snack that I can only get in the Netherlands called frikandel. After lunch, we did some shopping and later that evening we made our way to the Amsterdam Arena. We had dinner and then  we got see the Netherlands soccer team take on the USMNT. All though I may be American, I am still part Dutch so of course I went for the D
utch team.   It was a very exciting game that ended in the USA winning but either way I woIMG_0935n. 😉IMG_0967
The entire time I have been away from home my parents kept telling me that my Beppe (grandma) was worried that I wouldn’t have enough time for her and that she wouldn’t be able to see me. On Saturday I surprised my Beppe at her house and we had a very nice talk over coffee and stroopwafels. She was very surprised and happy to see me. It’s the little things like surprising your grandma that can make your weekend go from good to great. I can’t wait to be able to spend more time with her and the rest of my family! This upcoming week we are learning about dairy cattle and pigs . This is very exciting for me because I grew up on a dairy farm and my family in Fryslân still dairies. It will be interesting to see how the polish dairy and to compare it between the Netherlands and Texas. IMG_0959
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