Inching Along

Today started with us giving a couple of presents to our taxi driver Leszek. We have become quite fond of him over the past two weeks and are sad that we wont be seeing him anymore. We got him a key-chain and a bobble head dog for his taxi. He was so excited and suprised and it made everyone’s day.

Today we made our way to a hunting club. We discussed the practices of the hunters in Poland, what animals they were allowed to hunt, how many, how were selected for tags, why they were selected, and how someone can become a member of a hunting society. We looked at pictures of multiple animals that are typically hunted and discussed how the population of these animals and what they eat have a great reason as to why they are hunted. We learned that these animals often eat and destroy crops and cause large amounts of damages to farmers lands. We were able to actually see some dear and other animals in a crop using binoculars. We also got to play with a horn which the hunters traditionally played before hunting, with each song having a different meaning.







After our tip to the crops we returned to the camp

The grill spun over the fire.

grounds and finished a presentation and started cooking lunch. Simon’s barbecue was much better than the one that we had the first week we were here. In the middle of cooking lunch horses arrived. We got to take a carriage ride through the palace. It was very relaxing, I think the most exciting part of it was watching a little inch worm crawl on our drivers shoulders. After about an hour we made our way back to the camp site and finished cooking lunch, which was delicious.





We made our way back to the dorms after lunch and Danielle and I got ready to go have dinner with our professors from UTP and say goodbye. Tomorrow we are making our way to Krakow and will meet our new faculty.  Danielle and I made it into town and shared a plate of Mango Lamb.


We enjoyed getting to spend time outside of the classroom with the professors. We then made our way back to the dorms. I finally started packing, even though we were told to do it the past few days. I have no idea how I got everything into my bags but will likely have to either get another bag for the trip back home to Texas or throw some stuff away.

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