*Insert Above-Average Caption for My Super Average Day*

Facility provided nice refreshments at meeting table

Tuesday was a more relaxed day, which always seems to come at the best time. We toured a facility that studies plant production an factors such as drought. Today I learned how they measure land, which is in hectores. A hector is 2.49 areas. I also learned that in Poland, crop production is so vital that they determine the price of buying land to build on, if they even allow you to build on it, based on the fertility of the land. This facility also travels to evaluate and scale land. 1-2 is the richest land, 3 is middle, and 4 is the lowest. They showed us their plants, and we dug a few up. We learned to look at the roots to see if there are white bacteria pockets, which you cut open. If they are red, the bacteria is alive, and healthy, which is actually a good thing. We learned there is not bad bacteria on plant roots. After this, we say their nursery where they are growing chrysanthemums, which is a sneak peak for what we will be doing tomorrow. Finally, we checked out their garden out front, and looked at these beautiful purple flowers they have. We spent quite a while looking for one with only 3 petals, which is apparently lucky. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any! I still feel pretty lucky to be here, anyways 🙂

Lunch after was pork wrapped in bacon. It was delicious!



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