International Criminal?

What a Day!

Today we met one of the Faculties daughters in the town for a day away from the books!

Lauren, Jessi, Sarah, Danielle

Getting to town was quite comical. On the tram we were approached by two Police officers whom demanded to see out tram tickets, we all complied and provided proof. He then informed us that we would all be receiving tickets because our tickets had not been validated. After providing our passports and showing great confusion because of the language barrier  the second officer realized that our tickets had been validated……backwards. They explained that we were doing it wrong and let us off, granted we missed our stop.

By this time we are fairly familiar with the city and were able to navigate ourselves back to the part of town we are most familiar with. We decided on Pizza for lunch and we pleased with our choices. After this we decided that we needed to live up to the tourist reputation, as it was time for some pictures! We were all quite pleased to learn of Lauren’s artistic capabilities. We even managed to get a group picture taken by a nice taxi driver. After the pictures it was time to meet Madzia.

Madzia took us shopping where everyone bought something: dress, shirt, purse. We were all pleased with our purchases. Then Madzia took us for our first taste of real pirogis, they were amazing. We shared a meat, and fruit pirogi. After this we went to meet Madzia and some of her friends at a local Pub. All of her friends were medical students like her. I enjoyed playing card games and talking about House to one of her friends whom was fascinated with the show. 

After another long day and an even longer one ahead of us we decided to head back to the dorms. This time we made sure to insert our tickets the correct way!

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  1. Lauren Selph says:

    I appreciate the shout out. (: