it’s definitely a plant…

Tuesday we learned more about plants and I’m finding myself a little confused on what the professors are talking about. Too many technical terms, but I am still all ears and trying to learn more about plants. One of the professors took us out to the garden and showed us different plants. From wheat, to rye to even a cannabis plant? It isn’t everyday that you see one of those in a campus garden. We also got to look at a plant that I think was called Melissa. Apparently this plant helps calm you down and make you go to sleep easier. While in the grocery store we actually came across the tea that has Melissa in it.

Today we got to look at different types of fungi under the microscope. Super disgusting but very interesting at the same time. Definitely made it hard to eat lunch after everything the professors talked about. Tomorrow we have our field day and I am looking forward to learning more about plants. Until then!



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