Today we went out for our field trip to see a cow/dairy production. I had never seen anything like it in Poland and it was awesome to see how it all worked. The most fascinating thing I saw that US did not have was a laser automatic milk robot named Levy. It would first clean the cow with brushes then at the same time use lasers to find the teats on the cow and start pumping. Each cow once they have finished eating would  go to the themselves as if they know what their job is. I also thought that the little calves were adorable to say the least and had some fun with them.

Afterwards we saw these beautiful church was so old but so beautiful. It had so much to see and so much history. The guy who was showing us around played music while the altars would reveal the beauty underneath. We also went that evening to see the Mice Tower that also had the story of the two uncles who each wanted to take the throne but the queen poisoned them and then mice then killed the king and queen. A movie was filmed there as well. We had a great dinner with everyone then headed back home. It was one long last day but a great one!

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