last week of class

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The final week of class was a very interesting week. It was about dairy cows and the production of meat and milk. I didn’t know much about cow and learning about them was really fun. They did have food and coffee for us the first day and second day and I really liked that because they had a donut hole that was supersized and it was delicious. After we ate the food the lectures started and I was ready to learn after a quick breakfast. An interesting fact I found out on the first day was that as of December 2014 cows made up 93 percent of the livestock in Poland. I thought it would have been something else and learning about this made me want to find out more about the cows in Poland. I found the lecture about meat production to be the best because the information I learn from this can help me pick out a better meat at the store and what to stay away from. After all of the lectures were over they took us to a couple of labs and we tested some meats to see which meats were the best to possibly eat if you picked them in the store. The first thing we tested was how rough the meat was so we used a tool to go with the grain of the meat and put the piece in a machine and it cut the piece and told how smooth or rough it was. Some other machines were water quality and then also using the color scale for the best looking piece of meat. These were really fun class days and I really enjoyed learning about dairy cows and how important they are in Poland.

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