Leaving Krakow

Friday and Saturday were really fun days in Krakow because we did a lot of stuff that was fun. On friday we looked at some pretty cool places that were selling some pretty cool items but many were very expensive. On our way to other stores we stopped and got icecream and it was very tastey. We saw a lot of horse carages that you could take a ride around town it seemed like a good idea but we decided it wasnt worth it. Soon enough it was dinner time and we ate with some polish students at this burger place. I ordered this BBQ hamburger with bacon, cheese and onion and this was one of the best burgers I have had in a while. After we ate we walked and talked with the polish students. The showed us a few cool things at night and then we all went to bed after that. On saturday was the day we bought gifts for our family. I got some very cool gifts that my family will enough because not many can say they own something from Poland. After a while it was just about dinner time and we ate with the polish students and their professors and we all had a great time talking to each other and they also showed us a castle that was really cool and a dragon that breathed fire. After we ate we went up top on a building that served shakes and icecream. I got a strawberry shake and it was really tastey. We all went back to our rooms because we were all tired and we had to get up early on Sunday to get on the eight hour train back to Bydgoszcz.


dragon castle night

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