Lights, Camera, Action!

First weekend a photo shoot for the paper, then a radio interview three days later, and now a TV interview… I feel like a celebrity. I’m not sure why everyone is so interested in us but apparently they are. During our lessons last week we were told that the local TV station would be coming by the next morning to do interviews with us about our stay in Poland and how our classes were going.

We each took a turn answering questions with Dr Ryszard Zamorski, dean of students, acting as our translator. I’ve done theatre in the past so I didn’t give this much thought. However, as soon as they started asking questions I froze. I had no idea what to say or even where to look. Do I look at Ryszard, the reporter or the camera? Can you say awkward! Hopefully they edit it in a way that makes us look good because I for one don’t feel like I supplied answers that showed how much we’ve actually learned while in Poland.

Link to TV Spot:

Link to Newspaper Article:,106506,15986576,Z_Teksasu_na_UTP__Mamy_studentki_z_Tarleton_University.html

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