Last week we had a very interesting morning on Wednesday. The Bydgoszcz local news came to interview us and record us for the news. This would be fine and dandy if I was not such an awkward person….  Actually we are just an awkward bunch! I love us but we sure.know how to make this uncomfortable. The morning didn’t start off very well for me, I woke up with a headache and therefore was grumpy all day. I put on a fake smile and stood there trying not to stare straight into the camera. I luckily only got asked the most simple question “what is your favorite polish cuisine you have tried?” Of course I threw out pierogi… Because it was the first thing I could think of and I don’t know the names of any other polish foods. I’m living off ramen and pizza here. The camera followed us around as we wore white lab coats and pretended to do all the sciencey things that we would probably never do in our live or while at this university. One “lab” they made us do the pulled outa little sample of milk for us to use… I whispered over to brook not remembering we were on camera and being an inappropriate fool ” look it’s semen” because that’s the perfect thing to say at a time like that. Simone heard me and quickly screamed ” ITS MILK!!!!” I had to quickly recollect myself after that and put on a straight face!

All in all the morning was funny, us trying not to look awkward made us look even more awkward. We just can’t win. We got to see the video of it today, and let me just say I will probably not be posting it on Facebook or blogging the link to save people from our charming awkwardness.

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