UTP building that our classes will be held in

What a long day!

Today we started off with a tour of campus and eating at the cafeteria. We were then whiskedoff to meet our Dean Romon. He took us on a short tour turned long. We walked through the city center and he was able to give me a brief history and some fun facts about Bydgoszcz. Something that stuck in my head was the three holidays that they have back to back. On May 1st they celebrate the International Workers’ Day, which was established during the communist control of Poland after the Second World War and was originally called the Communistic Labor Day. On May 2nd is Flag Day, after some research I also learned that they celebrate Polish immigration on this day. On may 3rd the Polish celebrate their Constitution, which was the second in the world next to the United States. This holiday is called the Day of St. Mary a Queen of Poland.

German style buildings

We also learned that some of the buildings were built or remodeled with French money  from reprimandations. Since Poland was under German rule at this specific time these specific buildings were built in a German style, today newer buildings are being built to mimic buildings from this era.


After enjoying drinks with the Dean Romon and the tour of the city center we finally got to meet up with our professor and classmate! It was quite hilarious as Romon could not remember Dr. McGahans’ name and proceeded to call him  Dr. MacCheeseburger  (this has been the highlight of our trip so far). Dr. MacCheeseburger then took us to get some Lodi, this is an amazing gelato. I had chocolate with a walnut blend on top, one of the girls was disappointed when she realized that the one that she had chosen was not chocolate but prunes. After much begging for us to head back to the dorms we tackled the task of taking the trams for the first time.


The tram ride went surprisingly smooth and we walked the short distance to the grocery store across from out dorm. We decided that if we went to the dorms first we wouldn’t make it to the store. I’m not sure that I will ever grow accustomed to J-walking. After the store we went to a small restaurant that some of the girls enjoyed the day before. The workers were not pleased with us and messed up our food. I had a Kabob, I don’t know how to describe this… they shaved the chicken off of a meet log of some sort and but it in a bun thingy with cabbage, tomato, and pickles.

All of us decided that is was time for bed. However, besides being Jet-lagged it is rather hard to sleep. The students are celebrating Juvenalia (basically a University excused holiday to party) there is very loud music playing until about 4am. BUT the sun rises here at about 4am, we did not realize that when Dr. MacCheesebrger told us to bring sleeping masks that he didn’t mean just for the plane.

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