mouse castle and some churches

front church inside church tower

After the exploration of the farms finished we got to go to a town with some beautiful churches and a cool tower. We first arrived at a church and a guide talked to us and told us about the history some really cool things in the church. He showed us some pillars that had a good side with the symbols and the left pillar with the bad symbols. He also told that some of the paintings and items they discovered were under the wall and are the original things and that are still uncovering items to this day. After he was through talking we got to look around by ourselves and see more of the church. We saw some really old documents upstairs and some old pictures which was really cool. We also got to see another church but it was a lot smaller but it had a place where the kings and queens sat because they didn’t want to sit with the lower class. After we finished looking at the churches we were taken to the tower where a king and queen got eaten by mice. Before we went up the tower we ordered food and while we waited everyone who wanted to go could go to mice tower. Once we went to the top of the tower the view from above was unbelievable. You could see everything like the view of a river and a lot of the town and some big buildings.  As you walk down a few steps they have the story painted on boards in order so you can see the story. The story starts as some uncles of the king and queen awaiting to take the kings place but the king didn’t like that. So the wife invited the uncles to the tower and she poisoned their drinks and it killed them. They dumped the bodies in the river and rats came out of the bodies and followed the king and queen to the castle. They tried to hide but they couldn’t and they got eaten. Looking at the churches was a sight to see and so was seeing and hearing about mice tower. This was a truly amazing day that I will never forget.

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