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Today is the end of the first part of my journey through Poland and the beginning of my time alone here and so far its not off to the best start. Literally as soon as I am alone bamb get robbed! I really hope this is a one shot thing and not a bad omen for things to come. But I must keep optimistic as this is a chance to try and do things I have never done before.

To take my mind off of my worries I went to the Warsaw zoo today it was very nice and quite large in comparison to the one in Bydgoszcz. they had very different types of animals that we don’t usually see in Texas. They had more Asian and European animals which makes sense as this country is not sweltering for most of the year. What was most exciting was I finally got to see the European bison! It was much smaller than I expected it to be but majestic none the less.

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they had many many exotic birds but I did not get good pictures of them


I am excited for tomorrow as I will be meeting with the other english speaking volunteers for a tour around Warsaw tomorrow. I am very nervous and excited about this as I have never done anything like this in my life before. I have already seen a lot of Warsaw but the first time i did not take pictures so get ready for loads and loads of pictures.

I will really miss my classmates and Dr mcgahan and I wish we could all stay together longer but it is just not in the cards. I wish you all the best have fun in London and safe travels to you all.

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  1. Rachel,

    I am sorry that a Taxi driver charged you so much! This is why I preached that you look at the posted fare on the cab, ask the driver for an estimate of the fair to your destination, and always look that they have ‘official looking’ credentials displayed promptly. You might recall that when we returned from Krakow we walked away from a Taxi in Bydgoszcz in favor of another Taxi!

    If the credentials do not look good, or I do not like the response to my query about the possible costs, I slide right out of the seat before they start from the curb.