So yesterday was a pretty relaxed day.  We slept in and did laundry.  Then McGahan invited us to ice cream.  The ice cream wasn’t bad. It was actually pretty good.  But the real fun of yesterday was after we got back from dinner.  We decided to go play volleyball downstairs outside the dorm.  A couple of other students living here saw that we were outside and asked us if we wanted to play a little bit of soccer.  So us being open to anything said yeah sure come on down.  After introducing ourselves, we came to the conclusion that we were playing soccer with 3 Ukrainian students, 3 Turkish students, a Romanian student and 2 Polish students.  Needless to say that we three Americans were outnumbered and out skilled in this area.  But they were all nice enough to let us play with a mixed team.  Time had gone on and eventually we had been out there playing soccer and a crowd of people started to watch.  Windows on the second and third floors started to open and friends of the students started to cheer for who they wanted to see do good.  All in all it was a very intense work out seeing how the European students never really took a break from playing.

But now I can say that I have played soccer with Europeans and was able to keep up.

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