Only the fin of traveling

So we just got back from the beautiful German city of Berlin.  At first we didn’t know if we were even going to make it.  But some how we survived the bus to the Bydgoszcz Głowna Train station and hoped aboard a direct train to Berlin HBF.  But little did we realize this trip was going to become a puzzle than a leisure walk in the park.  We decided to try and find a hotel or hostel when we got there.  Boy were we wrong, everything was booked for the weekend and we didn’t know why.  So we traveled down a small one lane road and luckily found a hostel that had a room to fit all 5 of us for one night.  And let me tell you Baxpax was a nice hostel. It had everything we could have imagined. Pool tables, arcade machines, laundry mats, comfy beds, food, showers, lockable rooms, it was the entire package and I will definitely  use them again in other cities.  Plus they were really cheap.

After we did a couple of the true touristy things we started to see a lot of Dortmund and Wolfsburg soccer jerseys walking around the city, heard the team chants and saw the flags starting to be waived.  Me knowing that my brother was a huge European soccer fan I sent him a text and asked him what was going on.  To our surprise the Pokal Final was today in Berlin, and let me tell you how much I have missed the excitement and rush of true soccer fans.  The train station was packed, the songs were being sang, and police where making sure no one got too crazy.

And finally the train home.  It was going smooth just talking and hanging out, then out of know where three polish college students asked if there could ride in our cabin.  Us being the nice people we were said sure come on in.  Boy, were we in for a treat.  No english was spoken but watching them was like watching a tv sitcom.  From them dancing in the cabin, to trying to sew buttons on their jackets, buy train tickets, and even straighten their hair.

Oh also do you remember our little bus fiasco almost a week ago.  Well we hopped on a bus from the train station back to the dorm and guess who the driver was? The same one that helped us get home. All of us started to laugh uncontrollably and even start to cry.  We couldn’t believe it and he even remembered us too.

Only the adventures we go on can we make memories and stories.  So to who ever reads this in the future, don’t be scared or nervous to go out and try new things and sometimes just wing it, because you never know what will happen until you try.

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