ow ow ow ow

After being in Poland for 4 days now i am starting to realize that I never really walked any where in the states.  Plus I need to learn to wear taller socks lol.  This walking is actually fun though.  I am slowly realizing all the beauty that is around me in this city of Bydgoszcz.  I haven’t seen beauty since i walked all over Prague.  But now thanks to my boots I have 2 massive rub marks on my calves that hurt more than anything i have felt before.  I will survive though and the city has taught me a few lessons or two along the way.

Well I would upload some of the things we have sen walking through out the Old Center, but unfortunately I have seem to forgotten how to shrink it to the size I need.  I will get back with you and figure out how to do it.


Until next time


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