Today was a very eventful day. We started out this morning on campus learning about wildlife and hunting. We had some very interesting conversations and I think we all concluded that everyone has different opinions about what we were talking about. After class, Catherine and I decided to play volleyball and go for a “nice” little run. Everything was going great until we reached the hill….I think we’ve all touched a little bit on this hill. Well anyways, this hill is a killer just walking it, but we decided to run up it. I believe we both asked each other at one point if we were even moving.  Anyways, we both made it out alive (barely) and started dinner.  After that we decided to start packing for our trip to Kraków & I about knocked myself out. I guess I thought I was shorter than the cabinet which I definitely am not and I hit my head right on the edge of it. Hopefully that will be the last time that happens. Well until tomorrow

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