3rd Mtg 2017 Globalization Study Abroad Pre-Departure

The third of three meetings prior to departure for Globalization Study Abroad Europe – Poland is on Thursday April 20, 2017 from 6:00 PM to 6:50 PM in Joe Autry Building Room 209.

  • Passport final check
  • Emergency contact information forms check
  • Reenter into instructors electronic list of emergency contacts – in person because it is protected
  • Reenter into instructors electronic list of student email, text numbers, and telephone numbers used in Europe
  • Reminder to pack light, things that you can get at Rossman’s (Like Walgreens)
  • Stairs (less elevators, or lifts in Europe) and bag carry when traveling in Europe
  • Excursions, rucksacks, and packing light
  • Comfortable shoe talk
  • Weather – what is the expectation
  • ASSIGN ESSAY 1 = Write about expectations and/or apprehensions of travel: use rubric as guide
  • Essay 1 due the first morning in Poland so it can be written before departure, or on the plane.

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