Changing the date


By Donald G. Mcgahan

When a post is live it is helpful for the reader to have a since of time associated with the post. It may take days to craft a good post, and good posts are what is desired. Additionally, there are occasions where the post is authored days later. WordPress allows for alteration of the publication date that is displayed.

In the Post authoring portal there are widget boxes in the right hand column. The Publish widget is has the item Publish.


By selecting Edit you can alter what is displayed for the publication date.WordpressPublishWidgetPublishedOnEditSnap

Extra entry boxes are displayed allowing refinement for the date and time.

The ability to correct the date is especially handy since it can be days before you can finished up a quality post. All the more so for posts that have pictures associated with them. Simply correcting the date can really help you connect back to what day you were writing about.




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