How-to embed videos

By Donald G. McGahan

This short how-to is an outline of how to embed a video into your blog post. While it is easy enough to post a link that takes the reader away from you page to YouTube it is only a little more work to keep them on your bog page.

  1. First you have to have your post written. Make sure you hit the carriage return twice within the text where you wish to place the embedded video. Note that it is generally not necessary to place an extra carriage return when writing a post to get extra space at the end of the paragraph. This is because WordPress automatically places extra space after a paragraph to ease reading. But, by placing an extra carriage return you have a place holder for the next steps.
  2. Upload your YouTube video to YouTube and go to the video page in a separate web browser tab.
    1. On your YouTube account choose videos and then the video you want to embed.
    2. Then choose “share” and “embed.”
      Note that you can have your video “unlisted” at YouTube so that only someone with the proper address can access it (unsearchable) on YouTube.
    3. In the “video size” select “custom size”
    4. Enter 480 in the first box (this will keep it tidy in the weblog)
    5. Select the text in the box that begins with “<iframe” and copy it.
  3. Select your browser tab that has your target WordPress Post.
  4. On the Post edit page select the tab that says “text” that is next to “visual.”
  5. Find the blank line within the html coding that you placed with that double carriage return and place your cursor there.
  6. Paste the text from the embed box for the YouTube video of your choice.

Test preview the page.

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