After a few hours of meandering around Torún, we decided lunch would be nice and Andrew had promised us the best pierogis in the city! So, we took off toward the restaurant following Andrew like little ducklings following their mom. When we go to the restaurant they told Andrew that they were full but if he would leave his number they would call him when they had a table ready. I think she said the wait would be like an hour so we decided to go somewhere else. We made it to the end of the street and his phone rang and it was the restaurant! So, we headed back and were seated in the sunroom upstairs. The view from up there was just beautiful, it over looked what looked like old ruins but Andrew said he didn’t know if anything that should have been there. They had a special where you could get 5 or 9 pierogis of your choice and you could mix and match the flavors. Since I had never had pierogis I went with the 5. I got 2 that were beef and cranberry, 2 that were minced meat so I’m guessing a mix of beef and pork, and 1 that was apples and cinnamon. The meat ones I dipped in sour cream which was good. The apple pierogi reminded me of apple pie. We ordered a pitcher of homemade lemonade for the table. It was good, kinda pulpy and not sweet like we are used to but it was still refreshing.


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