Plant Surgery

Look out everyone you are looking at the next great surgen…. plant surgen! That’s what we did today, we met some plant surgens. I don’t think that is their actual job title but that’s what they looked like! Today we went to Vitroflora, a company in a nearby city.  This company performs invitro on plants in their extremly steryl and safe lab. The company makes sure to sterilize everything in order to keep the plants healthy and safe from any microorganisims. They take certain plants and cut them up into tiny peieces. These pieces are them placed in a steryl medium so that the plants can grow without any outside issues like bacteria to harm their growth. After a few weeks in a cooled room with just the right amount of light, the plants have began to bud out and produce leaves and some roots. The plants are then shipped to the company’s greenhouse where they continue to grow until developed for sale.  Once in the greenhouse, the seedlings are kept in this tent until they are they right size then they are transported to trays. Some plants ship out after they are placed in trays to be sold as seedlings, others continue to thrive in the greenhouse until they have bloomed or are fully developed.  Vitroflora specializes in ornamental plant and flower. It was pretty cool to see hoe the same company can take these plants from the cuttings and get to follow their system all the way through to the shipment to retailers.

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