We had some lectures with different teachers this week. There was some interesting information about the differences between Poland and Texas agriculture: planting times, crops, climate differences, pests. We saw this small garden where some different crops are grown for demonstration and learned the Polish method of determining cereal growth stage. Since I have not had much education in crop production, this was interesting and a bit confusing. I had to learn lots of new terms. I think if I had prior knowledge of the way this is done in the States, I would not have struggled so much. We stood around the plants and discussed GMO, which are not used in Poland, and pesticide use as well. The point was made that GMO agriculture may make sense in a place like Texas, where the farms are very big, but not so much in Poland, where most of the farms are 5 hectares (12 acres) or less. The small scale of agriculture in Poland surprised me. Something so small could not possibly make enough to support a family in the States! Even in my home in Maine, which seems to resemble Poland in agriculture, the average farm size is 190 acres (77 hectares).  Every day I learn something new.

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