Posting Pictures

I created a little video on how to post on a separate page. The WordPress dashboard is truly not overly complicated and you really just need to try it and have a little knowledge.

Posting pictures is easy. We just ask that, when your able, try to convert the original picture to a web friendly size.

Posting video is a little more work. First, you create the video. Then you post it to a video hosting service. Finally, you post a link or embed the video into the site. See the how to embed a video page.

Posting pictures from tablets and phones may be a little more effort. Experiment and get them up because a weblog is a bit more structured and therefore longer lived than using social media sites. This means you will have a better place to return to after you arrive home.

One site that has a blog on posting pictures using the iPad WordPress app was not so helpful because my experience did not match up the the screen snaps they provided. However, from that app I found that a “View Admin” took me to the dashboard efficiently. This, together with a clean screen posting area, have swayed me that the iPad app has its advantages.


From my iPad app sometimes there is a delay between what I do on my computer and what shows up on the app. Understandable.

The app is probably more useful as the number of WordPress sites juggled increases.

What is your experience with the iPad app?

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