Prague city

This weekend we had the chance to go to Prague. And come to find out…. I’m allergic to the city. I was sneezing my brains out, my face and throat were so itchy, my head was hurting and my nose was running. After an 11 hr bus ride I ran into all that. It was the worst. So you could say I have a love/hate relationship with the city! However the city was absolutely beautiful!!! We walked all over and saw all of the main touristy attractions like Charles bridge, the castle, the clock tower and a Tim burton exhibit. It’s was a whole 211 stairs up to the castle, some hard stuff, but once we got to the top the view was so amazing. The only problems was there were SO MANY PEOPLE. tour groups are the absolute worst and they just need to get out of my way!! The Tim burton exhibit was probably my favorite. I love his movies and his traveling exhibit happened to be right there with the opportunity of a student discount. The only problem was we were not allowed to take pictures…but that didn’t stop me! All in all Prague was fun, the food was good, the sights were pretty, and the ppl… Well I think they were all a little crazy. We happened to see a bunch of crazy things like some hoodlums smoking some illegal substinces just standing out on the street, a guy so drunk he was throwing up and possibly peeing his pants while sitting outside the pub…and then around 2-3 in the morning while we are sleeping people are screaming non stop outside.

Prague was definetly interesting and a great experience, which left me exhausted! I got a chance to do some shopping while there too so that’s always a plus!!

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