I do not exactly like my opinion of Prague. You see, because I didn’t exactly like Prague. But I think it all comes down to the conditions of the weekend we went, and I’m sure if I had more time in the city I would have liked it. I also would love Czech, if I could go to maybe some smaller cities and really get a feel for the country. The weekend was too hot, probably the hottest it had been since we had been in Europe. I’m actually very lucky I didn’t get burned at all, by some miracle. It was too short of a time to actually get to know the city. After traveling eleven hours on a bus on Friday, we had saturday to look around and some of Sunday before getting back on a bus again to make it to Bydgoszcz by 2:30 Monday morning. This gave us just enough time to see the important touristy places. Which is primarily the reason I was frustrated by Prague. The streets were overpriced souvenir shops filled with the same things in almost every store. It was difficult to get around because you had to dodge the huge and obnoxious tour groups that would bottle neck an entire street. However, tourism is a big thing in that city and I should have been prepared for10440260_10201922645009050_8981215734994883476_n it. Our hostel was very nice though, with just the four of us in one room with our own bathroom. I think at some point I would like to travel and just stay in hostels all over Europe.10450340_10201922665729568_3897897802813016103_o

I will give Prague it’s due credit though, the city is very beautiful. Even if we did walk ten miles and three hundred steps to get the best view. The countryside is also beautiful, which made for a great trip back, where Shawn and I got seats at the very front of the second story of the bus. 

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