2017 Invite Globalization Study Abroad Europe (Poland)

Invitation to Participate – Summer 2017 Globalization Study Abroad in Europe (Poland)

By Donald G. McGahan

Course Title: Agricultural Globalization: Comparing USA to Poland

This course has no prerequisites!
Freshmen to Graduate students welcome.
Limited enrollment (about a dozen).
In English and learning Polish not required.
To Eat is Agriculture.

Warning! Participants may become addicted to cappuccinos. 

                     Instructors not responsible for cappuccino addictions 😎

Do you care about what you eat?
Where does your food come from?
Why does Europe not allow GMO’s?
How are the USA and Europe different in food production?
Do you wonder about how globalization impacts world hunger?

 We do hands on learning in cooperation with the Univeristy of Technology and Life Sciences in Poland. We co-teach in english. Each week includes and concludes with field excursions to practice the knowledge and tools learned in the preceding laboratory lessons.

There is more below, but wanna go see pictures and blog posts from last years participants?  

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Nothing hidden here. See the blog posts because the participants are brutally honest.

Brief General Outline

We discuss resources such as soil, plants, crops, pests, and practices.

Local commodities are sent someplace else and we bring commodities from somewhere else. It is a global marketplace.

Europe does not do GMO’s, but the USA does. There is not better way to understand the difference than living in a place that is different.

We also look at animal production and are introduced to wildlife management.

Four essays, and peer evaluation thereof, are required. Posts to our course blog site are required five days a week.

Additional Travel Information

Travel to Poland is paid for separately by the learner/participant and this allows the learner to leverage personal or family frequent flight miles. However, we will publish the instructor flight itinerary to the participants should they wish to choose the same flight. Otherwise, the learner is required to be in Warsaw Poland on the date and time specified.

We will get the learner to Warsaw Poland on the departure date, but if the learner has plans to extend their European experience or meet with family after the class they may. Again, the instructors flight information will be provided (after the earnest deposit cutoff date).

Counseling for travel provided, and if the student wants to choose the same flight as the instructor that is acceptable, but not required. Family, or friends, flight miles may be used because the student, and/or family, books their flight (with our help if desired).

This can be a considerable savings

Why Poland?

 Lands in Poland are productive. In 1989 Poland was the second largest producer of rye and potatoes in the world. The country occupied sixth place in the world in sugar beet, milk, and pig production.† In 1990 Poland exported 26 percent of the bacon it produced, as well as 63 percent of the ham, 16 percent of the tinned meat, 10 percent of the poultry, 17 percent of the sugar, and 67 percent of the frozen fruits and vegetables. However, as a European country the Pols have different sensibilities about production and especially genetically modified organisms allowing for a spirited study in comparison. They have also been exporting far longer than the time that the USA has been a nation. The people in the city we study in are real and down to earth. You do not need to be able to speak Polish but you will pick up some phrases while in country and the Pols appreciate your efforts. Most of the younger generation enjoy practicing english with our StudyAbroad students.

†Wikapedia. [last accessed September 26, 2013; online at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agriculture_in_Poland]


Dr. Donald McGahan and Dr Barry Lambert
Contact Info: mcgahan@tarleton.edu
Office Joe Autry (Ag) Room 204B
Joe Autry (Ag) Building Room 201 for in-person inquiries

Dates Abroad:

May 15, 2017 to June 8, 2017
Wanna know more!
Contact Dr McGahan
Office phone: 254.968.9701
email: mcgahan@tarleton.edu
Office drop-ins: Ag 204B

Vist the study abroad programs site here.

Course Highlights

3-credit hours
Can use as upper division elective!
This is an Applied Learning Experience course!
Train access to balance of Europe – for those wishing to travel after the course ends.
Agriculture systems are older than USA.
Castles to explore
Interaction with other international students

Low costs:

Costs $3,363
$500 Deposit Due 10/30/2016
$1,200 due 1/19/17
$1,663 due no latter than 3/8/17
Airfare additional ( $1,000 to $1,800) this way you can use relatives flight miles to decrease the air travel costs.
Meals extra (estimate $250-$546) so you can eat Top-Rauman or Steak.
Must register for WSES 4341  as undergrad
      or WSES 5341 as grad.
Tuition extra paid to Tarleton State Univeristy
Weekend lodging if traveling on “free time” not included.


Lodge at University facilities & wired internet is in the rooms. Common cooking facilities exist allowing inexpensive, and personalized, meal preparation. Laundry facilities on premises.

Personal Time

Personal time in the evenings offers significant interaction with international students. Weekends are free for students to take excursions – self financed.

European Union

Poland is part of the European Union. In the town we stay at for the first half of our time in Europe is a NATO base for F16’s. The town is in northern central Poland.


The study abroad experience encompasses more than the globalization of our commodities. It is also offers a considerable history of European culture, the struggles of two world wars, the dark ages, knights, and castles.

No Prerequisites Required

This course is available to all students in the Texas A&M system. Several meetings will be required during the Spring 2017 semester to arrange logistics and discuss syllabus, course grading, assignments, travel packing, and deliver some background to prepare the learner for a successful trip.     All knowledge about agricultural commodities will be within the course requiring no prerequisites.


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