Promotional Videos


By Donald G. McGahan

We have made a few promotional videos. Other videos were selfies taken while on past trips.

Promotional Avert for Poland Study Abroad 2015. This trip is scheduled for May 14 through June 18th 2015.

Below is an unscripted video of Dr. Donald McGahan (one of the instructors for the class) as we look at gain fields in Poland. These are trials to test the different varieties and follows a lesson about sustainability and global food supply.

This was an unscripted selfie video.

Below is another unscripted selfie video by Dr. Donald McGahan (one of the instructors for the class). This was taken on one of our off days that are free time for the students. I remember this Gdansk port being a Russian Naval port mentioned in Tom Clancy’ Hunt for Red October.

Sopot is a charming place and it was a very relaxing and fun time. There was a bike path back from the beach and I really wanted to rent a bike and explore. I really want to go back and do that. Wanna come?

The short video below is not a selfie. I caught some class members being tourists on the longest pier in Poland in Sopot.

Below – A flyover video of Bydgoszcz Poland. Not taken by members of our class. Still, it’s a fun video



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