Putting out an ad for a European husband

Seriously, I need a European to come and sweep me off my feet and keep me here forever. I am absolutely loving the country so far. It is a stunningly beautiful place. Not only that, but the people are surprisingly friendly. I’ve only picked up a few key Polish phrases, so that can make communicating an issue, but a good amount of people speak English if you need help. Even the ones who don’t speak a word of English do their best to help us out if we need directions or anything. The dorms are pretty cool. I ended up in a single room and our hall has a communal bathroom and kitchen. I think many of the international students stay in our dorm. So far I’ve met people from Turkey, Spain, and even went out dancing last night with an Italian guy in our hall and a Portuguese girl that has been in some of our classes. European dance floors are a sight to see… they mostly dance to American music that is at least ten years old. I couldn’t understand it, but it was a good time regardless.

I missed half a week of class this week after figuring all the passport stuff out. Considering I have absolutely no background in Soil Science, I was afraid I would be completely behind. Looking at soil pits for two days taught me a lot though. It was almost an overload of information about horizons and methods of soil formation, but it was interesting to see what it’s like for a soil scientist in the field.

While writing this, I am on the last leg of a train trip to Krakow for the weekend. We should be there in about an hour and then maybe I’ll actually get to eat something today. I am not so smart and forgot to eat before a nine hour train ride… oh well. Anyway, class this week is all about plants. Working from the ground up.

(Next Day)

We got in pretty late to our Hostel called Hostel Giraffe. It’s actually really nice and staying in hostels is so ridiculously cheap. It’s about 16 USD a night to stay in a room with ten beds. I’m pretty sure the guy in the bed below me was on crack or something… He went out at like one in the morning and burst back into the room at around seven or so just full or energy and talking to himself… He left a donut right next to my head…


10414565_10201838821793522_2210115638247831039_nKrakow is quite a city. It’s very different from Bydgoszcz in that it is big and more of a tourist spot. We had pierogi, or dumplings, last night that were freaking amazing. If we had time I would take a class we saw to learn how to make them. But alas, we only had until tomorrow afternoon. Today we strolled around the city center and then we toured Auschwitz in the afternoon. I really have no words for the experience. There is no way to prepare yourself to see tons of hair behind glass, or the other evidence of the atrocities. We are probably going to visit a castle before getting on a train tomorrow. Hopefully we don’t get drenched with rain again like we did today.



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