Run in with the Police

Day 6, Saturday May 20th

Today was our first adventure truly on our own, we woke up and got ourselves to the tram. But while on the tram a few stops into our ride I noticed two men get on and flash their badges and walk straight for us, they turn out to be the tram police. The one that I assume was more powerful was telling us very sternly that we need to have tickets for the tram and we explained to him that we did and he then asked for them so we all pulled out our tickets and he looked at them and said these aren’t validated. So Danielle explained to the man that we did validate them but he was just so angry he wasn’t really listening to what she was saying. So then he starts telling us that we are going to have to pay a ticket for not validating our ticket, but right about this time the other man noticed that we had validated our tickets just on the wrong side so he tells us that we need to validate them on the right side. And by this time we went two stops past our stop. So we get off to go find our way back to the center of town to get lunch.

Polish Pizza

Polish Pierogis

After our run in with the police we got lunch at a polish pizza place and it was pretty tasty. And we then head to meet up with one of our professors daughters,   Madzia, who is going to take us shopping and then to a pub so that we could try polish beer. For dinner she took us to try polish pierogis which very good.

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