Seaside Saturday

On our second weekend, the rector of our university took us to Gdansk and Sopot. Both towns are beautiful and on the water. We stopped to eat upon arrival in Gdansk and I learned a valuable lesson. Just because the menu doesn’t say image‘mushrooms’ on it doesn’t mean they are not in the meal. I’m allergic to mushrooms so I can’t even eat them to be nice and since I don’t eat them I don’t know all the different varieties. Oh well, lesson learned. In the future I asked specifically if there were mushrooms in my meal before ordering. While touring the water front we could see remains of bombed out buildings left over from World War II (Fact Check). As far as I know these are being kept as reminders of their history.

We also were able to tour the Amber Museum in Gdansk. It is simply breathtaking what can be done with amber. One of my favorite pieces was a chess board and pieces carved entirely out of amber.

From Gdansk it was a short drive over to Sopot which is right on the water. They were having a music festival while we were there so there were all kinds of artists singing in the streets. It really was a neat experience. One of my favorite parts was the pier. It’s the longest pier in Poland and photos just don’t do it justice. We walked along the beach to get to it and it was amazing to feel sand between my toes and to experience the Baltic Sea. While the day was warm the Baltic Sea is COLD! I got too close when we were taking photos and that frigid water snuck up and tapped the back of my ankle, brrr. All in all we couldn’t have asked for better weather to visit these two coastal towns.

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