Guns up at the Baltic Sea

The rector and his daughter took us the Gdańsk and Sopot yesterday on our day off. It was such a nice day! We went to gdansk first and saw the Amber museum. It was simply beautiful! Even though the stairs were horrendous. It was cool because they had peices of Amber with insects inside of them just like on Jurassic park (one of my top 3 favorite movies). All I could think about were dinosaurs!! After that we finally got to go into a church. It was so beautiful and I enjoyed seeing what the Catholic Church in Poland looked like. I was explaining to the rector and his daughter that our Catholic Churches are not as extravagant and beautiful as the ones here. The are simply not as old and historic. We then went to sopot and I got to stick my feet into the Baltic Sea!!! It was cold but so worth it, I haven’t been to many beaches in my life and I am happy to say I have been to one in Poland!!! I threw up my Tarleton guns and collected a seashell to preserve the memory. The day was simple and relaxing included with great sight seeing a good food. I really could not thank them enough for showing us a great time.

As I am writing this blog I am sitting on my window watching the rain. It has been such a relaxing day of doing absolutely nothing but going to get food but sometimes days to unwind and rest are needed. Everyone and their mother was out and about today. it almost seemed like we were never going to find a place to eat because it was completely full, but luckily we finally found a spot at maneken (our new fave) and I devoured some relish sweet pancakes! But the weather has been weird lately and seems to change every hour but of course being a Texan I should be used to unpredictable weather, right? I just hope the weather doesn’t get nasty as we start our animal science week. I am excited to see what cool thing we will learn about animal production here in Poland and look forward to our last two weeks of class which I don’t ever want to end!

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