The past three days we spent our time at a little lake house resort. We left our dorm in Krakow in the morning and made our way to campus. We met Martina and Richard, we were put in a ban and on our way. It seemed like we were in the van forever but we eventually found our way to this little town.

The next two days we spend visiting different farms. We visited multiple dairy farms, comparing the treatment, cleanliness, and efficiency of the farms. We visited a farm that housed chickens in the purpose of producing eggs. We also visited a swine farm and a place where they rose horses. Highlights of the trip included having a baby cow suck on my finger, getting to hold a pig that was only a few days old, and getting to spend time with the faculty. 

Getting to spend time with Martina and Richard was very fun. We enjoyed singing and dancing, and Richard enjoyed trying to force food down our throats when we had already ate too much to begin with. After these few days were over we made our way back to the busy city and started preparing for our trip back to Texas.

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