She’s got a ticket to fly… but they don’t care!

For my first weekend in Poland… I am sitting at home. Still on stinkin’ Texas dirt. You could say I’m a tad past disgruntled about it. This whole ordeal is getting ridiculous, especially after spending most of today in a federal building in Dallas for almost nothing.

See, what had happened was.. my dog likes to jump on my desk and chew my things. He’s gotten ahold of notebooks, nail polish, etc. You name it, he’s put teeth marks on it. Including, my passport! I saved it before he had much time to snack on it, but he did beat up the cover quite a bit. It was mostly superficial damage and the front page was fine, so as far as I was concerned it would be a-ok. When they tell you that assumptions will make an ass of you they were not joking.

The employee at the desk had a cute pin for Zeta Phi Beta and I was about to start some friendly conversation about how we have a chapter at Tarleton, but then she walks off with my passport and a guy in a tweed jacket tells her I can’t fly. So I started crying instead. Let me tell you, the international flight check-in area of an airport is definitely high on my list of embarrassing places to have a complete emotional breakdown. However, it makes me feel better to deal with it here rather than be stuck in another country and not able to fly back to America. Cup quarter full, I guess. And props to Dr. McGahan for being super awesome and positive when I felt utterly horrified.

PRO TRAVEL TIP: You passport can not be damaged. AT ALL. Nada. Zip.

My father and I were in Dallas most of the day today trying to get a replacement passport. They said they could do it in about three or four hours, but when we came back to pick it up, they had had a “glitch” in the system so now I can’t pick it up until Monday. Dealing with the government is awesome! Oh, I guess I should mention that my new flight is Monday night so I won’t be in Bydgoszcz until Tuesday evening. It’s really bumming me out, and I didn’t want to miss getting accustomed to the town or the first few days of classes. I’m just glad it’s all getting sorted out finally.

I would attach a picture of said chewed passport, but the lady took it from me when I turned in my paperwork. Instead, I will leave you with my mug shot of a passport picture.

Definitely not on drugs

Definitely not on drugs

(By the way, the title is a Beatles reference, for those who didn’t catch it)

Żegnajcie przyjaciele


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One Response to She’s got a ticket to fly… but they don’t care!

  1. I love the Beatles reference!

    I will be at the airport in Warsaw when you exit the secure area.

    What a testimony to the “pristine passport” syndrome.

    The Tarleton pack is yipping and howling so you can find us!

    You will get up to speed quickly when you arrive.