shoes destroyed

If there is one thing you should know about me is that I am extremely destructive. Whether it is because I am fidgety, I drag my feet to much or that I have the touch of death for inanimate objects. In total I usually go through 5 or more pairs of shoes in a year. I know that is a large number I just dont know how I do it. As soon as a new pair of shoes touches my feet they instantly start disintegrating
I have been in poland a little over 3 weeks and I have already quadrupled the speed at which I go through shoes. I have already torn through 3 pairs of shoes which I have to say is impressive to say the least. I dont know if it is from the amount we walk or for the fact that I am duck footed but I already need another pair of shoes. I ran through my original work shoes, a cute pair I bought the second day in bydgoszcz and a pair of sandals.
Not only have I killed my shoes I ruined 1 backpack, several pairs of sock, 1 dress and 1 jacket. For all the future students I would advise you to pack easily replaceable clothes and shoes because you will be surprised just how much wear and tear you can put on them in a month.


As you can see above my beautiful shoes decided to rip along the perimeter leaving my foot exposed. They have done a good job keeping up so far though almost made it for a month but every shoe has its limits.

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