Day 4, Thursday May 18th

We started out our day with Frederick picking us up for class and driving us into the city center where our class is held. We had our first lecture today over soil textures. We discussed that different texture soak up more water such as sand because it has bigger pores for the water to slip through, whereas the clay is compact and has smaller pores so the water has smaller slits for the water to slip through.

First lecture

After lecture we headed to lunch and after we get sat down and we get our drinks this stuff comes to the table and all five of us look at it like what the heck is that. Our professor, Simon, explains to us that is lard and cooked onions. With how picky of an eater I am I’m very reluctant to try it but I eventually do and it was surprisingly pretty good. We were showed how to properly eat it, you take a piece of bread and spread it on like butter and then add some salt and pepper on top. This spread is called Smalec.


After lunch we returned to campus to meet up with a polish student so that he could take us to the store for the food we would be cooking the next day at the forestry park we were going to. When we got to the store we had a hard time finding everything and translating it to the polish student that took us to the store, but when we were about to check out one of the girls, Ragan, had a Dr. Pepper hand and we all rushed right over to get one for ourselves. We even got one for our professor because he has never tried it.

After shopping we stopped at a cafe in the mall that the grocery store was also in and we stayed there for a while and talked with the polish student that we were with and he helped Sarah with her polish, because she has a goal of learning 50 word in the time we are spending here in Poland.

When we got back to the dorms we prepared the food so that the next day at the park all we needed to do was cook it. After we were done preparing the food I headed back to my room and tried to get some sleep.

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