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Holy guacamole batman! The floodgates really opened up today in bydgoszc! I dont know if it is because its a weekend or if it is because it is a holiday but it seems like everyone and their dog are out and about in bydgoszcz today. It is national childrens day here in poland and as such families with little rugrats are scurrying about all around town. I visited quite a few events that they had for the children around the square and the water front. i was so confused when I saw a family with a kid dressed like spiderman go into a catholic church. All around town children are playing and running with their faces painted even some of the adults where getting in on the fun by wearing costumes.

The most disturbing thing for me is all the ice cream stands in town have like a ten minute wait, what is a chubby girl to do? how oh how could I survive without my daily lody? Not get ice cream seems like a good idea but nope not today, not when its so bright and pretty outside no I had to get my ice cream.

On another note since we arrived in bydgoszcz I vowed to find a boba tea house because when i was in warsaw they were so many one on almost every corner, and today I bydgoszcz’s one. I was walking around the square when I happened upon a sign that said china town. Yes you heard me right bydgoszcz has a chinatown which is strange to say the least. As you can probably guess it is tiny about a block long and completely run by white people. I find a “chinatown” that is comprised of nothing but whities to be hilarious! They had a sushi bar, chinese restaurant, boba house, and what I believe to be random asian restaurant as there was no real straight nationality other than welp it definitely aint polish.

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