So many professors

Today I really realized just how lucky I am and what a great opportunity this is. I am not saying that before I was not appreciative but I’ve been going through so much personal issues that it took awhile to hit home. We have barely been here two weeks and already we have had the unbelievable opportunity to hear from at least 11 professor. For a class of 4 american girls having 11 professors speak with us is insane! I feel like this is a one in a lifetime opportunity and since this is the first time this program has run the polish are trying to make this the absolute best they can. It is very interesting to see each professors teaching style, I have my favorites (I won’t say who) but they are all interesting. The sheer amount of information was daunting at first but i’m catching up. The hardest part I think is the difference in teaching styles but it is cool to see the contrasts in views. I love just how much they are going out of their way to leave a good impression from scheduling events for us to bringing us snacks and drinks practically every day.


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