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Week One was an experience in adaptation.

One thing that was fun was ending the education experience with hands on ‘let’s go and do it’ activities. That is how this study abroad experience is set up. Intense laboratory instruction followed by ‘now go and do it or see it.’

Follow are some pictures from our first week practicums.

2014-05-22 04.19.49 Poland Clarissa Sanchez poses in front of hog damage

Clarissa Sanchez inspects hog damage. Yes in Poland hogs are a problem like in Texas USA! (well boars here in Poland really)

2014-05-22 05.29.43 Blister Beatle

At the time we did not know this was a Blister Beetle.

2014-05-22 05.30.33 Blister Beatle

The Blister Beetle was keen to get off the shovel.

2014-05-22 12.28.40 Blister Beatle

If we would have had an entomologist along we would not be handling this Blister Beetle quite as boldly as we were.

2014-05-21 06.06.42 Forest excavation first field day

2014-05-21 06.28.03 Forest excavation first field day close up of O A E Bh Our soil profile in the forest. It had an O horizon over an A horizon, over an E horizon, over a Bh horizon.

2014-05-21 06.21.56 Forest excavation first field day pH

Dr Szymon Rozanski and Shawn Foyt use a spot plate and colorametric indicator to test the soil pH

2014-05-21 06.21.46 Forest excavation first field day 2

Dr Szymon Rozanski removes some of the soil O horizon.

2014-05-21 06.29.43 Forest excavation first field day close up of translocated humus

Translocated humic (organic matter) in the soil subsurface.

2014-05-21 06.30.17 Forest excavation first field day Looking up

It was a nice setting for the excavation.

2014-05-21 07.56.29 Brdgoszcz PL forest

Peaceful trail through the forest

2014-05-21 06.32.42

Those are cm on the tape. Low chroma humus material in the subsoil.

2014-05-22 03.41.53  Soil excavation second field day 2

Dr Szymon Rozanski explains some of the soil processes seen at a location the second day of filed excursions.

2014-05-22 03.42.06  Soil excavation second field day Dr Szymon Rozanski

Dr Szymon Rozanski gets into his work (the soil)

2014-05-22 05.18.35 Poland forest looking up

Sometimes you have to look up and enjoy the place

2014-05-22 06.07.05

Dr Szymon Rozanski explains about the residual heavy metal contents in the soils that are a fingerprint from the industrialization from the communist era. This was neer the river and he explained about sedimentation in the few lakes in Poland and the ticking time bomb in those lakes sediments.

2014-05-22 06.33.11

Spring has sprung and lots of critters like the daisy.

2014-05-22 06.32.31

Rachel Wade LOVES Daises

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