Soil Texture

Today’s class was very interesting to see how soil texture is measured differently in Poland compared to United States. The texture by feel method in Europe is done dry and wet, and once wet it is made into a ribbon like a snake. Then you go off of how thin/long the ribbon gets and how well it holds together to determine the soil texture. In the US, we use a texture by feel method where you get some soil wet and ball it up. If it balls, then you ribbon it by pushing the ball of soil against your index finger with your thumb.

These two different methods both work very well once you are calibrated to use one or both of the methods. To me using the US method is easier than the European method because I have always used the US method and used it many times. Now that everyone has an idea on how to do these methods, I am ready to go to a soil pit, so they can see how it becomes easier when practiced. Also, at the soil pit the method is used for every horizon and some pit can have many horizons in them.

texture by feel

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