Stop to sniff the flowers!!

Day 9, Tuesday May 23rd

Young chrysanthemum plants in the greenhouse.

Today was a fairly short day, we went to Chrząstowo to look at the plants they had growing, and talk about how Poland has set up their agricultural stations. We learned that the mission of the stations is similar to the land grant universities in the U.S. in the way that they do the research work to help the farmers. When we arrived we went up to a conference room so that they could explain to us what their station was all about, and they had the table stocked with some cookies, rhubarb pastry, coffee, water, and juice. After enjoying the food, we went outside to look at the plants they were growing. We looked at the greenhouses as well as the plants they had outside in the fields.




After looking at what they were growing went and took some pictures by the lilac tree they had out front, and I pick some to dry the flowers and take home. We then headed back into town for some lunch at an Italian restaurant. After lunch we sat for a while and chatted after which we went to go fine one of those bobble-head dogs for our taxi driver, because he has one in both of his cars he drives. We spent about an hour on the quest to find him this dog, when we passed this shop that reminded me kinda of like a thrift shop, so we walked in and I saw them but they told us they were closed so we plan on coming back tomorrow to buy it for him.

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