Tada!!!! A Trip Full of Surprises!

So, the day was off to a great start, we had gotten to the train station 30 minutes before our train left and we figured out the platform and everything. This Polish couple came down the stairs and we asked if they spoke English and they said no but the gentleman looked at our ticket and kind of tried to tell us we were in the right place. The lady said they were Torun as well so us girls decided to just follow them. When they get on the train we get on the train. When the train got close a Polish announcement came over the intercom and our new friend motioned for us to follow to the other side of the platform. When the train finally did arrive, he waved for us to follow him onto the car. We were feeling pretty confident but that is where things took a turn. Turns out that the ticket we had on our phones didn’t work. We had a ticket for a different train, right place but wrong train so we had to buy another round of tickets. When we arrived at the station this little old lady got stuck in the door and we couldn’t figure out how to get the door open to help her. Someone on the outside got the door open and we all got off. On the platform, we meet up with Andrew and got our personal tour of Torún started!!

Torún from across the river!

 We started just walking down the street and he asked if we wanted to see the river and we told him sure! So, we made our way to the river and saw an amazing view of the city from across the river. After we took some pictures and just really took in the scene we were gazing at we headed back toward the bridge.

At the edge of the bridge there was a steep path that led down to an old cobble stone road. Andrew asked if we were up for the climb and an adventure, we told him of course! We climbed down the path and headed toward forest on this old road. It’s obviously a road that is only used my horse drawn carriages because we found evidence of such creatures later down the path.

We were walking and having a good time just catching up with him. I could see a clearing ahead but I didn’t think much about it. Suddenly Andrew turns around to us stretches out his arms and yells “Tada!” and behind him were the ruins of an old castle!!! He told us “See I wasn’t being you into the forest to kill you.” He told us that if you climbed to the top of the ruins you could see the bridge with the city behind it so we started making our way up towards the ruins. Once you passed through the outer wall it opened up to this giant yard. On the far side, there was a door. Andrew, being our designated leader, headed through the door. Inside the door was this old spiral staircase made of brick, so up we go! I was the last one up the stairs and by the time I got up there (I went really slow so I wouldn’t fall since the steps were pretty narrow) 3 girls and Andrew had taken off to the other side of the ruins. I stayed by the stairwell entrance with Jessi. Once they came back around we all headed down the stairs again.

Torún Ruins!

Me sitting on the wall overlooking the yard!

Our personal tour guide Andrew!!!

The giant yard inside the ruins!


Once we got into the city I was in awe of the beauty and the spirit that this city had! It was nothing I had ever seen before!! We walked down the street and he showed us the “Leaning Wall of Torún” which was part of the protection Wall way back when the knights were in town. We passed this building and Andrew stopped us and asked if we minded staying in town a little longer than we had planned since this building was a museum he would really like us to go to but he said that their next English tour wasn’t until 4, we were planning to catch the 4:10 train back to Bydgoszcz. We told him we didn’t mind since we were loving his town so much, so Andrew got us the tickets and we went on! Across the street from the museum was the house of Nicolas Copernicus, the famous scientist, he was from Torún! They have a big statue of him in their town square.

Copernicus Statue dressed up for Uvanalia.

Stained glass window in the Cathedral.

The Cathedral from my seat.

 After that we just walked around town a bit and Andrew pointed out some of the historic buildings. We went inside this Catholic Church but we had to be quiet since they had a mass going on. I had never been inside a Catholic Church before so I was just awestruck at the architecture and the detail in that building! We sat down for a few minutes but we didn’t stay long since we couldn’t really understand what the priest was saying. Guess that’s what we get for going to mass in Poland! We continued to walk around town just wondering around looking at the buildings, laughing and cutting up with each other.

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