Take me back to Paradise

Today was another free day, Danielle and I decided to go back to Zakrzówek. We slept in and then made our way to lunch. We went to the restaurant that overlooks the city square again. I gracefully fell down the spiral staircase, we’ll see how my back looks in the morning. We then caught an Uber out to the lake. 

Being that it was a weekend we should have guessed that there would be a lot of people there. There were so many people that we finally set up camp on a path. After being patient and what appeared to be locals got annoyed by other tourists we claimed our rock again. We were delighted to talk to other people from around the world. We spoke to people from Poland, Ireland, Madrid, Egypt, Africa, Australia, and Italy. Everyone was so- nice.

IMG_7862 We did find it very interesting and crazy when a group of Polish boys (ages 8-maybe 18) made there way to our spot. They began jumping off of the cliffs, they

Danielle on her baby cliff.

began with the small ones and worked their way to the top. We couldn’t help but wonder where these children’s parents were. If they didn’t injure themselves from jumping off the cliffs the alcohol and cigarettes only added to the equation.

After waiting for a couple of hours our little piece of paradise cleared out and we basically had it to ourselves except for the occasional visitor. We enjoyed taking in the sun and the peace and quite. When the clouds started to form and Danielle finally jumped off the smallest cliff we decided to head back into town. Our Uber picked us up and it immediately began raining. We thought it was a blessing, however our Uber couldn’t drive all the way to the square and we had to walk about a mile in the pouring rain to get to dinner, Bobby’s Burgers again. By the time we finally found our way to the restaurant we were soaking wet. We ate and then made our way to back to the dorms, again getting soaked.

Soaking Wet

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