The bus to nowhere

We had an amazing time in soil science and learned about the pH, different horizons, texture and the structure by looking and experimenting with the soil. After a great time in soil we decided to go to a bigger mall called focus and looked around. We looked around for about an hour or so and decided to take the bus rather than walking. We thought we had a plan for the buses so we decided to proceed and get on lucky bus number 57. We road along and couldn’t make up our mind on whether to get off on the third or fourth stop. After this point all of the student got off at we thought was our stop and we were the only ones left on the bus. That’s when we realized we were lost and with no idea where we were we decided to just ride the bus and see where it takes us. We passed some roundabouts, some stores and we didn’t realize we stopped behind the naval base that is right next to our dorm so we decided to keep riding. We finally ended up at the bus station and waited for the right bus to take us where we needed to go. What felt like hours was minutes and the driver said we need to get off at the station near the store castorama and we had to walk a little ways and when we saw the rondo mall we knew we had made it. It was a fun adventure that I would take again once we learn the buses better.


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