The Circle of Life

At the end of our third week in Poland we visited a pig farm as well as a slaughter house for pork. I raised hogs in high school, through FFA, so I was very excited about the first part of the day and slightly nervous about the slaughter house. I really haven’t eaten much pork since high school because of my my involvement in FFA. Pigs became more like pets in my eyes instead of a food source. On a side note, I have eaten more pork in the last 30 days than in the last decade leading up to this experience. And it’s been delicious!

Back to the pig farm. I’m partial to gingers so the Duroc has always been a favorite of mine. So when they brought them out into the holding pen all I wanted to do was jump in there with them and play. We also had the opportunity to see Landraces.

After donning some oversized protective suits and plastic booties, we were taken back to see the birthing and nursing rooms. PIGLETS ARE SOOOOO CUTE! One broke my heart because it was definitely the runt of the litter and nothing but skin and bone while it’s siblings all looked healthy and well fed. All I wanted in that moment was to pick the little guy up, take him home with me and bottle feed him back to health. But it’s the circle of life and nature has a way of working itself out.

Once we were done at the pig farm it was off to the slaughter house. For all my trepidation I was fascinated. I expected it to smell like blood and death but it really didn’t have any smell at all. It was also colder than I expected it to be. Which makes sense to me now, if it was warm or even room temp bacteria would grow and no one wants that. During the tour our host cut up sone sausage for us to try. DELICIOUS! After the tour was finished we were fed again. I believe the soup was called Flaki, which is a traditional polish soup and made with the stomach lining of farm animals. While it had good flavor the meat was too soft for me.

Traditional polish soup

Traditional polish soup

I really enjoyed these two experiences as well as seeming a new side to the pork production industry.

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