The Last Week- A short summary

The last week of classes was completely different from what we had done the previous weeks. The structure was looser, not like the structure of class before had been very strict, but as far as lectures and stuff there wasn’t much really. We had a round table discussion with all the professors that we had had over the period of our visit. It was quite enjoyable. We talked about genetically modified crops quite a bit and our opinions on them, as well as how Poland sees GMOs and the future of them. Mostly, Polish have the same wary view of genetic modification that most Americans do, that it could be beneficially but could also get extremely out of hand. We also discussed labeling of products like these and what is appropriate. This same day the school also gave us goodie bags! Which was super exciting. They contained magnets, a book on Bydgoszcz, a shirt, and a bunch of other cool stuff. It was like Christmas for all of us.

Since I missed the first weekend where my classmates visited a dairy, it was nice to be able to see the inner workings of a Polish diary. The first thing I noticed was that the cows are treated very very well. They don’t look like they’ve been milked to death, and they even had back scratchers that will roll over them if they walk under. Dairy farms are cautious about being extremely clean, both for their product and for their animals. They spend a lot of time making sure they are fed properly and the stalls were cleaning around three times a day, I think. The cows were very friendly and loved to lick us. It was a slobbery experience…

(I tried to add pictures but they wouldn’t upload onto the website. Sorry!)

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