the night before the flight———>HEY THAT RYHMED!

Welp here I am on the eve of my flight to Warsaw and boy howdy am I ever nervous! I don’t know if the other students knew this but I will be leaving early well surprise surprise. I plan on staying at the hostel oki doki which has the cutest name and bright differently themed rooms like the Lenin room or the cloud room. I plan on exploring the city to the fullest of my abilities so look forward to a lot of pics and blog postings.

I have been on edge lately I am very nervous as this is my first trip that I will be staying alone, I know that I will be safe and that many young people do this but still there are always worries. what if i miss my flights (I have two connections in landing in Washington dc and Brussels), what if my things get stolen or I’m mugged. I must be brave this is the very beginning of a new chapter in my life and the start of what will hopefully be a new adventure. I have spent to day like many of the days leading up to this trip in a mad dash to get everything taken care of. I know it seems last minute to be packing the day before the flight but the things I need were at my parents home. I have been trying to fight off the suggestions of my family to keep packing in more clothes. Like Dr Mcgahan said “who cares if you wear the same shirt two days in a row”.

I have an extra worry going into this trip that the other students do not. My mother has been very i’ll for a long time she recently was released from the hospital after spending a month in the icu. Now that sounds like it is a good deal but this time it is not. the doctors have told my family that they can’t do anything more for her condition and that she can not receive the surgery that she needs to survive unless she gets healthier. So as much as I want to place my attention on my trip I guess I am more than a bit  apprehensive about it. I am worried that I will not have much time with her if I go but if I stay I will miss out on the chance of a life time. It seems like life always throws catch 22 situations at us.

I am very nervous about this trip I believe in the buddy system but I also believe that is important to try things alone sometimes. I believe that this will increase my independence and hopefully open my perception of things, but hey I’m not trying to sound pretentious here. I hope this will give me a step up in the job field.

I have decided to extend my trip  (Before learning of my mothers state) to a month after everyone else goes home so I have had  to do a little extra planning. I have been trying to figure out what my main necessities are and what will be in the way. Clothes are important but I also want to bring along a few frivolous object. an example is fritos and wolf brand chili, I know I know it takes up space but I want my polish friends to try a quintessential “texan” meal, chili pie. As the trip goes on I will elaborate further on my volunteer projects.

I am going to have to get used to blogging it is kind of a foreign concept to me, like a diary but everyone reads it. I am surprised that considering that I view myself pretty internet savvy that in all my 23 years this is the first blog post I ever made. I hope yall will be lenient with me I’m still learning and I hope you will look forward to my blogging escapades.

Oh Here is a photo showing how excited I am geez I’m such a dork


Ta-ta for now!


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