the picture that saved the day


This picture alone saved the day for us.  It was an amazing trip all around Bydgoszcz on the busses.  But we had no idea where we were going.  We thought it was just a few stops up ahed from where we got on…. boy were we wrong.  The bus ended up taking us all across town, with a out any care in the world.  When we tried to find the stop we saw before it never came.  We frantically looked at the map to see if we could find any street name that we might have seen before.  But still Nothing came to us.

Finally we got to the center station in a panic and with rain coming down we didn’t know what to do.  But then a light bulb hit, I have a picture of the address of the dorms that we are staying at!!!!   A few conversation later and another bus ride and we finally found a place that we recognized. Quickly jumping off the bus and hitting the streets we finally made it back to the dorm in time for the girls to do their laundry and us guys being able to finally eat.

Needless to say a picture did save the day for our small group today.

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