The River

Today the group got to sit back and enjoy the city of Bydgoszcz pretty well I think.  I went into an old church and looked at all the work that was put into this building that was made into something beautiful that has stood for years.  The inside was amazing with the old wood pews and the people were in there to pray and to be at peace in the silence.



Later on we went to the river and rented some boats to go down the river in. Not quite as high speed as I would have liked but they got the job done. Chased a duck in it so I guess that was good enough!  One week down and the stories are just getting started.  No telling what will happen in the next few weeks to come, but as I say bring it on.  Being here has certainly opened up light in different areas that I haven’t seen before and I know that it’s going to push me to a direction for my life later down the road that I know will be worth smiling upon.

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